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this hour. >>> earthquakeses calls for a ceasefire in gaza as israel wide eps its mice -- wide eps its missile attacks. >> it's a strong signal by both candidates of a desire to restore legitimacy to the process. >>> secretary of state john kerry tries to end the fight over who won the afghanistan presidential election. >>> in ukraine the fighting spreads to donetsk, forcing many to flee their homes. >>> from the civil rites movement to journalism, a look at the life of editor and activist john seigenthaler senior. [ siren ] >>> sirens blare in central jerusalem, a cloud of smoke could be seen in the distance as people run for safety through the main streets of jerusalem. in gaza, 154 palestinianians have been killed. more than 2,000 injured by the israeli air strikes. hospitals are seeing a steady rush of wounded victims, mostly women and children. once again the united nations is calling for a ceasefire, but for those caught in the conflict seconds can mean the difference between life and death. here is an example, a small mortar smell exploding on the roof of a building. it's a warn
of rocket fire between israel and hamas intensifies, israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu said a cease-fire is not even under consideration. hamas is saying pretty much the same. the palestinian health ministry is saying over 70 people have been killed, most of them civilians. rocket fire is reaching deeper into israel although no israeli casualties have been reported as of this taping. we now turn to the abc correspondent who is in gaza. where's the sense where you are, is there a feeling that we are seeing the beginning of an all-out war between the israelis and palestinians? >> it certainly feels like we are on the edge of it. there is this chorus of the sounds of war whether it is the missiles landing or artillery coming in from offshore or the outgoing rocket fire. this does feel like a place under siege but life has not ground to a halt. people are still out in the streets. there is less hustle and bustle and fewer people out. i was talking to some friend to say in tel aviv people are still out surfing, they're on the beach in the cafÉs but you have the sirens going off all the
adventure begin in israel, in hungry, around the world, americans honor raoul wallenberg. we see in the man and his incredible act of resistance a reminder of the same values that led our nation to fight for the liberation of europe during the second world war and to support movements for human rights, self-determination, and democracy ever since. himress under him by making an honorary citizen in 1981, as the speaker pointed out. likeness a bust of his that stands in emancipation hall. today, we continue to work to celebrate his life and his heroism for which millions continue to give thanks. on a personal level, i am , raoull to your brother , for making possible the years of close friendship i was so very fortunate to share with the very extraneous american, next ready hungarian. all americans are indebted to him for the irreplaceable service to this country. as a member of this congress and a moral voice for human rights around the world. as a result of the many survivors, who have work to combat the forces of bloodshed and intolerance that marred the early years, raoul wallenberg works
coming from the other country. >> the real story on who is coming to america. and rockets fired in israel and israel retaliates with air strikes. >> we will defend ourselves and we will win. >> how far will israel go to stop hamas? >> and the american people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchesterated by the president obama and his administration. that was in 2010. john boyd is back with a new call for americans to stand up. >> and ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you. what a great audience we have here and we are so glad you joined us. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. our southern border is a complete mess. we don't have a border right now. borders restrict access. we have an open door. president obama said we could keep our doctors if we like them and health insurance and pay $2,500 less a year for it and said benghazi was caused by a little video, and he said he would get to the bottom of the irs scandal and the same president said there was a redline in syria and our border ares were more are
east. israel has intensified air strikes on gaza. the fifth straight day of bombardment between israel and the palestinians. >> an explosion, a column of smoke marking the target of an israely air strike in gaza. the cycle of violence continuing in the middle east. for a fifth distraught day israeli missiles rained down, retaliation for some 700 rockets and more mortars that militants fired into israel. israel is vowing to not stop until hamas halts the rocket fire. the palestinian death toll is 120. relatives of the dead gathered at the hospital to mourn victims of the latest air strikes. israel blamed hamas for the civilian casualties, accusing them of couldn't sealing a.s depots. >> in mosques and schools and the middle of urban area jazz, air raid sirenses sounded over jump today as residents ran for cover. israel's iron dome antimissile system has shot down 130 incoming rockets but the rockets reached farther into israel than ever before. the israeli military has mobilized more noun troops and massed troops along the border for a possible ground invasion. the mace says the latest
and specifically calling on the u.s. to end their support of israel. police have not reported any problems and the protests remained largely peaceful. >>> a developing story in the middle east where israel is warning thousands of palestinians to leave their homes. israel tonight is telling residents to evacuate northern gaza, promising a barrage of missile strikes over 24 hours. there is no word of how many people are actually heeding the warning. but at least 15 palestinians died during an israeli air-strike overnight near a mosque in the gaza strip. hamas promises to continue targeting tel aviv. >>> a community outside houston still reeling from a shooting rampage that took the lives of six family members. the only survivor, a 15-year-old girl, thanked her neighbors for their support. dan scheneman has the story. >> reporter: hundreds gathered in the quiet suburb of houston to pause and remember six lives lost and to celebrate the amazing courage of 16-year-old cassidy stay, the lone survivor of the horrific shooting that took the lives of her parents and four siblings. >> as soon as it
states and russia. told blair that egypt is talking to israel and the palestinians. the arab league is also planning to hold an emergency meeting of the foreign ministers on monday in cairo to discuss the situation. on saturday the fifth day of offensive bombs struck a house believed to belong to relatives of a hamas leader. two female inmates died in the attack. >>> authorities in gaza said 120 people have died and around 950 have been injured since israel started its aerial operation. hamas militants are continuing to fire rockets into israeli territory, causing injuries to civilians. both sides are refusing to back down. >>> foreign ministers and world powers are launching a new push to resolve a complex problem, before time runs out. they're joining stalled talks on iran's nuclear program in a bid to break the deadlock. delegates from iran and six nations have been meeting in vienna since earlier this month. they've been trying to hash out a final agreement by a deadline set for july 20th. iran's deputy foreign minister, abbas araqchi, said negotiators have agreed on more than h
named israel keys. he was arrested for murdering a young coffee barrista in alaska and later admitted he'd killed many more people, some in washington state. a serial killer whose family hailed from, of all places, a town just a few miles from chanin's house. well, why would you think it was israel keys? >> because he has killed over ten women. he admitted to four in washington. he was arrested a month about after my dad, so he wouldn't have been on the radar until then. >> reporter: serial killer? maybe. but here's the biggest reason they don't believe their father is a murderer. it was the children's bombshell. their mother had been keeping a dangerous secret, they said, a secret life, one austin said he figured out when he was just 8. >> she lived a totally different lifestyle. she lived her church lifestyle, her home lifestyle and her online dating lifestyle. >> reporter: to hear the starbuck kids tell it, that the mom known to most as a prim and proper mormon home maker lived a racy and risky personal life. a secret from even her closest friends and family but impossible to hide fro
called for limiting israel from the map. my father reminds me, when somebody talks about eliminating 6 million jews, we do not have an excuse having gone to the history of what happened in the of ignoring940's that individual. and somebody says along the lines of what was put into "mein a race about eliminating of people, or in this context, eliminating israel, and in his mind israel is the little satan, we are the big satan. he has been very vocal about his animus toward other religions, and especially towards a society that believes in freedom of religion like our own. and so in this context, it is wise to be able to guarantee the security of the west in these negotiations with iran. >> [indiscernible] revelationss on the of spying in germany -- are you worried about the [indiscernible] the u.s. posture is hurting relations with the country? i would like your thoughts -- >> i met yesterday with a delegation from germany on this and as you can see, with the decision to remove the station chief in germany, you can see how seriously this situation is taken in germany. by the government.
bobgood lott. >>> israel is hitting back. a ground offensive in gaza. former israeli ambassador to the united states, daniel ialone, joins us >>> israeli forces are intensifying their attacks on gaza after rockets from the hamas-run territory struck deep within israel. hamas warns all israelis are, quote, legitimate targets, as more than 300 rockets have been fired from gaza over the past 48 hours. 200 of those rockets have slammed into israel. for more on the situation, we're joined now by former israeli ambassador to the united states, daniel ayalon, live tonight from tel aviv. mr. ambassador, it is good to see you. this is -- >> thank you. >> stunning, the intensity of the exchange between -- between the rocket barrage from gaza and the israeli strikes. how -- this seems utterly different than the most recent history of conflicts between hamas and israel. >> absolutely, lou. i think all of us were surprised by the arsenal that the hamas has been able to amass and to smuggle illegally to the gaza strip. they have long range that covers, so most of the population of israel, 8 m
teggic targets. we have heard missile strikes and rocket launches targeting israel and heard artillery fire from offshore and then on the israeli border treeps there. 155 millimeter cannons and tonight, molly, this is the first time we heard small arms fire on the ground along with helicopter gun ships. and we are so close to it, at one point, we believe that ground forces are moving up from the south and tracers are going over us. >> john, incredibly braver ary on your part and your kruchl we'll come back to you later on in the show. stay with us as much as you can. consider your safety. israeli prime freedom netanyahu will be appearing on fox news sunday and police in baghdad say that gunmen stormed a housing complex and murdered people, including 29 women and the killers arrived in the complex in 4 wheel drive and opened fire. the identities of the gun men and the mottist of the the shootings are unknown. >>> president obama back in washington after a trip to texas. he didn't go to the border but met with governor perry. perry insists more needs to be done to address what he feels i
>>> hello, you're watching "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. >> a cease-fire between israel and hamas are gathering support as the number of civilian casualties continues to rise in the palestinian autonomous enclave of the gaza strip. former british prime minister tony blair met with egyptian president abdel assisi in cairo on saturday in an effort to broker a truce. player is t blair is the owe-called quartet of the middle east, the european union, united states and russia. sisi told blair he's talking to israel ask the palestinians. they're planning to hold an emergency meeting of its foreign ministers on monday in cairo to discuss the situation. on saturday, the fifth day of the military offensive, bombs struck a house believed to belong to relatives of a hamas leader. bombs hit a facility for the mentally disabled in the north of gas. two female inmates died in the attack. >>> authorities in gaza said 120 people have died and around 950 have been injured since israel started its aerial operation. hamas militants are continuing to fire rockets into israeli territory, cau
as a weapons storehouse holly williams has the latest as israel steps up its airstrikes. >> my mom, dad and me. that's it. i'm in a much better place. >> axelrod: the young survivor of the family massacre in houston speaks at a memorial service. vinita nair on the remarkable courage of cassidy. (cheers) they keep celebrating in cleveland after lebron james says he's coming home dean reynolds on what this means to a team and the city. and you've seen dancing agents draw smiles in plenty of places before. but chances are, they weren't needed as much as in the place this one does. >> we all have our problems but a smile will help you through it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. the u.n. security council is now calling for a ceasefire between israel and hamas as it's conflict in the middle east intensified on this its fifth day. 17 more people were killed today by israeli airstrikes in gaza. that makes at least 125 who died since the bombing started tuesday. today israel also shelled positions in lebanon. the rocket fire from ha
of them were deflected by israel's defenses. and on the ground, israeli tanks have been on the move, gathering at the gaza border, also raising the possibility of a ground war. we have team coverage tonight, and begin with abc's alex marquardt in gaza. alex? >> reporter: good evening, cecilia. this conflict escalated significantly tonight, with has bombarding tel aviv with the most rockets yet. israel responding by pummeling the gaza strip, sending the death toll even higher. the night skies over tel aviv filled with hamas rockets. ten fired in all, they said, but in the end, they were unable to pierce israel's iron dome anti-missile shield. it comes after five days of relentless palestinian rocket fire. more than 1,200 israeli air strikes on gaza. the unyielding bombardment has hundreds of palestinian families with foreign passports, including around 300 americans, now packing up to escape. we met this man, who lived in houston for eight years, and camek bacto have kids in gaza. >> it's really very, very terrifying, actually. i feel we barely sleep. you know, the night, you know,
. inside israel, there have been no deaths from the rocket attacks but at least 11 people have been wounded. tonight we have the view from the ground on both sides starting with martin fletcher in tel aviv. good evening. >> reporter: lester, good evening. the stakes are rising sharply here tonight. israel says because hamas is hiding its rocket launchers among palestinian homes in northern gaza, tonight it will order palestinian civilians to leave their homes, quote, for their own safety. they were running for their lives in tel aviv tonight. hamas had warned, we'll hit tel aviv at 9:00 p.m. they fired at 9:07. 90 seconds at tel aviv. it came at 9:08. the iron dome anti-missile system did its job tracking the missiles, hitting them head on, destroying them. >> israel must defend itself. >> it must. >> israel must defend itself. >> hamas fired at least four missiles at tel aviv. no damage, no casualties thanks to the iron dome. tank columns continue to take oppositions today while some of the palestinian population in northern gaza has reportedly been warned to leave their homes. the army sa
caught up on the top stories at this hour. five days of bombbardment, death toll rises in gaza as israel widen's it's missils attacks. >> this is the strongest possible signal by both candidates of a desire to retore legitimacy to the process and to afghan democracy. >> secretary of state john kerry tries to end the fight over who won afghanistan's presidential election. >>> in ukraine, fighting spreads to dondon forcing many to flee their homes. from the civil rights movement to journalism, a look back at the life of editor and activist john siegenthaler, sr. ♪ >>> thanks for being with us. we begin tonight with day 5 of the conflict between israel and gaza. we have a lot to catch you up on. but first, a run down of the latest numbers. israel has launched more than 1,000 air strikes against gaza so far this week as of midnight local time. according to gaza's health ministry, the death toll has reached 154 people, at least 88 of those killed have been civilians. so far, at least 1,062 people have been injured, majority of which are women and children. our nick schifrin is on the ground
of people killed in cross border fighting between israel and hamas militants in gaza is more than 150. cnn's ben wedeman said strikes were the heaviest in five days. the head of the hamas police force was one killed. >>> the community of spring, texas is in morning remembering six members of the stay family killed this week. the lone survivor spoke today at a memorial. she was shot in the head but managed to tip off police. we hear her words of strength right here -- you can hear her words of strength at the netherlands will take home a consolation prize for the world cup. the dutch won today's third prize place. germany, argentina play tomorrow for the championship. amazing. a seven-hour marathon of "the sixties sixties" starts right now with the war in vietnam. >>> it is a mixture of pretty scenery, an ugly event. vietnam reports today of the bloodiest fighting in almost a year. >> we will not surrenderer, and we will not retreat. >> think you can win? i know we can win. >> they are being killed. >> stop this bloody aggression. >> we're in the middle.
. >>> we begin with a crisis in israel and the gaza strip. the death toll jumping to over 135 today as the barrage of hamas rockets continues. the israeli military now ordering palestinians living in northern gaza to evacuate. this is all part of the heavy israeli air assaults on suspected targets, including a mosque they say was hiding an arsenal of weapons belonging to the terror groups. prompting the u.n. city council today to call for a cease fire. john huddy has the latest. >> reporter: arthel, right now there is an erie silence, really the only thing you hear is as i said earlier, the him of the drones circling above. every now and again, the rumbling of a fighter jet in the distance. there is no dogs barking or people walking on the street enjoying the ocean breeze. it is an eerie quiet. we hear that. we don't see any lights. there is a silence and then the impact of another air strike. it happened earlier this evening as i talked about. the jet roaring in, the missile hissing, bearing down and then the ferocious impact, the concussion shaking the building we're in and we're
, the united nations security council is calling for a ceasefire between israel and the palestinians. the un is expressing serious concern about the safety of civilians on both sides. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh is in israel and tells us the fighting shows no signs of letting up. >> reporter: these demonstrators in jaffa had their protest for peace interrupted by air raid sirens saturday night. the sirens wailed as hamas rockets sailed overhead only to be intercepted by israel's iron dome system as intense fighting entered a fifth day. >> israel to take responsibility and to stop its bombing to gaza. >> reporter: these protesters are in a minority here but 93 say they'll keep demonstrating until the israeli government stops what they call a massacre. earlier militants issued a televised warning threatening an attack on tel aviv 9:00 p.m. local time. they made good on their promise. israel stopped missiles earlier in the day. the sound of sirens sent people running for cover. the israelis expandsedded their targets claiming militants were hiding rockets. palestinians say their de
. israel says it is not targeting civilians. however, gaza health officials report that civilian casualties continue to rise. more than 200 houses have been destroyed by air raid explosions. they say a facility for the handicapped was bombed on saturday, killing two people. >> translator: there's almost no ordinary life in gaza. people go to prayers, but nobody goes to work. >> hamas and other palestinian militant groups continue to launch rocket attacks against israel. local media say a rocket fired from gaza hit a house in the -- in a southern israeli city on friday. an 80-year-old woman was seriously wounded. israel is amassing troops along the border with gaza in what seems to be preparations for a land operation into the territory. hamas is poised to counter this with rocket attacks. >>> world health organization officials say the outbreak of the ebola virus has been linked to more than 500 deaths in west africa. >> concerns are rising that the epidemic may spread further. a w.h.o. spokesperson said there have been 888 confirmed or suspected cases and 539 deaths. the outbreak began in
and mortars the palestinians have fired into israel. continue itss to air bombardment of palestinian. relatives of the dead gathered at the hospital to mourn victims of the latest airstrike. israel blames hamas for the civilian casualties, accusing them of stealing command depots and arms centers. , in schools, in the middle of urban areas. >> air raid sirens as residents ran for cover. so far, no israelis have died. hasisraeli missile dome shut down more than 130 rockets, but the rockets have reached further into israel than ever before. areps are along the border caring for a possible ground invasion. violence has stiffened palestinian resolve. [inaudible] >> international pressure is building on the two sides for a cease-fire. abc news, gaza. >> staying overseas, we are hearing of a breakthrough agreement between two rival candidates in afghanistan's presidential race. the deal was brokered by u.s. secretary of state john kerry who is visiting that country. canada it's agreed to a complete audiof a contested election. agreed to as complete audit of a contested election. at one poi
of which have been fired into israel so far. tonight israel warns that -- warning people of gaza to leave their homes for their own safety and today u.n. security council issued a renewed call for a cease-fire in the conflict. >>> united airlines flight had to make an emergency landing on a remote island in the middle of the pacific. flight 201 a boeing 77 had to land about halfway through a flight from hawaii to qualm on thursday. passengers and crew reported smoke and burning smell in the cabin. the pilot made that decision to land at an old military base on mid waste island. replacement aircraft was sent to midway to bring those passengers back to hawaii, special flight was then arranged to bring those flights to the final destination in qualm. >>> philadelphia, is turning purple for one of the largest african-american greek fraternities in the country. 25,000 members of the omega phi are in philadelphia for the grand conclave. they hosted a health and career fair at pennsylvania convention certainty. if you are in town you will see lots of purple and gold, fraternity colors until th
are under way as israel expands its adult on gaza. a thin strip of land controlled by hamas. israel told residents to leave the area. israeli jets bombed a mosque and center for severely disabled raising the death toll to 135. in response hamas launched rockets at tel aviv but they were intercepted. the u.n. security council is calling for a cease-fire. >>> city of maryland is now in the middle of a national border crisis. hundreds of immigrant children could soon be headed to carroll county and local leaders there are not happy about it. congressman andy harris has promised to block a plan to move the kids to a vacant army building. using that building as a shelter could pose a danger to the community. since october more than 57,000 children from central america have crossed the u.s. border. they have overwhelmed federal facilities and officials are running out of room to hold them. president obama said the situation is a humanitarian crisis. >>> four candidates are now in the running to become d.c.'s first elected attorney general. edward smitii smith is the third generation washington
, the united nations is calling for cease fire in the conflict between the israels and palestinians. all 15 members of the security council have approved a statement officially asking for an end to the escalating violence. and it wants leaders to find a way to restore peace. meantime, israeli leaders are calling for full force efforts to end the rocket attacks from hamas. fox's david lee miller reports from israeli gaza border. >> reporter: here on the outskirts of the israeli city of, otherwise ordinary looking field, is israel's iron dome missile defense system. just a short time ago, this battery went into operation. intercepting a rocket fired from gaza. today alone at least 60 rockets have been fired by militants into israel. the iron dome system has proven to be 90% effective and today israel put an eighth battery into operation. no doubt the system has saved countless lives. earlier, we got a first-hand look at israel's preparations for a possible ground invasion. we're about 100 yards from the gaza border and at this location you can see already in position are israeli tanks, armore
. bruce, back to you. >>> we're monitoring breaking developments in the middle east right now, israel, ordering residence to leave the area for their own safety. israeli army is stepping up its offensive against the militants. tonight the u.n. security council is calling for a cease fire expressing serious concerns for civilians on both sides. we have reports from israel. >> reporter: these demonstrators had their protest for peace interrupted by air raid sirens saturday night. the sirens wailed as rockets saled over head, only to be intercepted by israel's iron dome system. >> this protesters are in a minority here, but they say they'll keep demonstrating until their government stops what they call, a massacre. >> they issued a televised wag rninthreatening an attack. they made good on their promise. >> israel stopped missiles over jerusalem earlier in the day, still the sound of sirens sent people going for cover. they claimed militants were hiding rockets there. palestinians say their death toll is above 135 with more than 900 injured. the international community is calling for pea
at this hour. five days of bombbardment, death toll rises in gaza as israel widen's it's missils attacks. >> this is the strongest possible signal by both candidates of a desire to retore legitimacy to the process and to afghan democracy. >> secretary of state john kerry tries to end the fight over who won afghanistan's presidential election. >>> in ukraine, fighting spreads
>>> on this edition for saturday, july 12th, israel destroys a mosque in gaza that it says was loaded with weapons. and intercepts hamas rothlisberger over tel aviv. we'll have a report from israel. a leading military analyst weighs in on that conflict and the intense new fighting in the ukraine. and in our signature segment, preparing for the inevitable. >> the year after somebody passes is one of the most vulnerable times for eye deputy theft. >> -- identity theft. >> next on pbs newshour weekend. made possible by lewis band lou ease herch if he would coleman, the wallace family, in memory of miriam and ira wallick, bernard and irene schwartz, the city found tation, rosalyn walter, corporate funding is provided by mutual of america, designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we are your retirement company. additional support is provided by, and by, the corporation for public broadcasting and by continue bias to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. from the tissue studios at lincoln center in new york. >> good evening, thanks fo
ahead of the world cup. the world is imploring israel and hamas to end hostility as missiles pound gaza for the fifth straight day. the death toll now stands at 135 , mainly civilians, dozens women and children. there were no israelis killed. this has stopped the life of loss here in the campaign solves i asked that targeted militants. >> the israeli military has struck the target. the attacks have also hit civilians. when this was destroyed. several children were also injured. >> these were the targets, children's toys. more thanns thought 125 people have been killed, more than half civilians eared .he israel there placing the rocket launchers as close as possible to homes. in the had embedded this civilian population. >> setting up the infrastructure. in school, mosques, in the hamas of urban areas. continues firing rockets. dozens were launched on saturday. askedited nations has rest serious concerns over the welfare. they were calling for a cease-fire. it is code for de-escalation. and our institution of november 2012 cease-fire. they are the have artillery and tanks. pick this stor
newscast at the top of the hour, trading strikes. rockets sent toward israel. air strikes over gaza. we will get the latest on the developing situation in the middle east. >>> plus hope for a compromise, john kerry's meeting with afghanistan's presidential candidates. what they are saying about their election fraud scandal. infighting over the arts. how many things are affecting one of the most popular opera. ♪
of bombardment from israel. this is just one of 500 buildings in gaza destroyed by the israeli military. israel calls them legitimate hamas targets. the palestinians say their water systems and power supplies have been hit and hospitals overwhelmed by more than 1,000 people injured. despite the firepower sent in to gaza by israeli forces they fired dozen of rockets into israel today. in gaza city cnn's international correspondent ben wedeman is there. ben, we know you've been reporting all evening that you've seen outgoing fire and incoming fire, what's the situation there now? >> reporter: miguel, the death toll here now stands at more than 150 after the most deadly h est israeli strikes in the last two days. there was a strike in a neighborhood in gaza city, more than 40 people wounded. there's a pandemonium at gaza's main shifa hospital. in the meantime, we have heard that the israelis have informed the residents of the northern part of the gaza strip that they should leave that area for their own safety. there are about 100,000 people living there. now, there have been a variety of israeli
in gaza after several days of bombardment from israel.
headquarters". despite calls for the cease fire israel is massing troops in preparation for a possible ground invasion. hours after the air force struck a mosque they say was hiding weapons belonging to hamas. john huddy has the latest. >> reporter: israel's defense forces are urging people to evacuate homes saying the air strikes and artillery strikes upon hamas targets will only increase. over the last 15 minutes there was another heavy air strike in close proximity to our location, one of three now within the past hour. you can hear the f-16 roaring in and the missile when it hits the impact is so strong it shakes the building. the concussion so strong it kind of almost knocks you off your feet. this is one of many air strikes over the past since all of this started on monday. and these strikes in particular in this location i can tell you this there have been rockets launched from the area here. so presumably these strikes are targeting hamas locations. we don't know that for sure but that is what we believe based on what we have seen and heard on the ground here. as you mentioned, the de
concordia. ♪ good to have you with us. it is day 5 of the open conflict between israel and palestinians in gaza. this afternoon, israeli forces destroyed a site where four rockets had been fired toward tel aviv. there has been a flury of diplomatic activity. as it stands, 150 people have been killed in nearly -- and nearly a thousand have been hurt. the military wing of hamas issued a warning to israel earlier today. now, the israeli army is warning northern gaza residents to leave their homes for their own safety. nick schifrin is joining us from gaza. what seems to be the dramatic escalation to the violence in the last hour? what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, what you hear behind me perhaps is that ambulance, and that is what's happening in the last hour. there have been a large number of very big israeli strikes on the gaza. some from the sea. some from the air. above us, i can hear drones flying ahead. what happened is as you just laid it out, about 8:00 o'clock local, the military wing of hamas said they would attack teltel aviv at 9:00 o'clock local. those attacks started a
at secretary of state, john kerry made reinvig ration of the peace talks between the israel -- a top priority. here's what secretary said on july 30, 2013, one year ago. >> quote. the parties have agreed here today that all of the final issues, all of the core issue, and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation. and they are on the table with one simple goal: of you to ending the conflict, ending the claims. our objective will to b to achieve a final status agreement over the course of the next nine months. unquote. >> well, that was then. here's the situation now. fighting between the palestinians and the israelis has heated up since the murders of three israeli teenagers, the murder of a palestinian youth, said to have been burned to death. hamas has now launched throws of rockets from the gaza strip. and israel has retaliated with targeted strikes against hamas militants. question, are those peace talks now dead? >> no, they're not. and they never will be dead. it doesn't mean they're going to happen or successful at this stage of the game, because of all that's going on. no,
gaza where the united nations is telling both israel and palestinians to stop the shooting and ratchet down the tension. more people killed this weekend, more people pushed out of their homes. the federal government's head of national security has a stern message for the tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants streaming across the u.s./mexico border. you can't stay here. federal officials say they will begin deportations this week. this comes as the obama administration is wrestling with a surge in schirn crossing into the u.s. without their parents. as you can see their numbers are rising fast. what's driving tleez people north is crippling poverty and out-of-control violence in places like guatemala and el salvador, desperate for some kind of future, they embark on long and dangerous journeys of thousands of miles or more to reach the u.s. only to find out it was for nothing. >> i think it's fair to say that a good number of them were surprised that they were being detained. i think they expected to be apprehended and simply let go into the interior and they're surprised that th
thanks to my panel. hope to see you right here next week. >>> israel escalates its offensive on hamas. welcome to america's news headquarters. good to see you. >> well, this comes as all 15 members of the united nations security council have come together to ask for a cease fire. israel's military trying to halt the barrage of rockets from hamas. and it's believed that hamas has an arsenal of more than 10,000 missiles to try to kill israelis. john huddy is on the ground there. >> in terms of the barrage of rockets, reports that there was one fired to tel aviv. and we've seen rockets fired from the vicinity of our location, headed north, fired obviously at israel. and within the last few minutes, heavy air strikes hitting with such force that the building we're in shook heavy. most likely, they were hamas targets, but i don't know that for sure. after the impact, we saw smoke and heard screaming. we saw a similar scene earlier today. we went to the main hospital in gaza city. right after an air strike, it was a chaotic and frenzied scene. civilian vehicles coming into the entrance, som
for disabled in the gaza strict. israel said it gives 15 minutes warning for striking, this family was given 57 seconds to get out. >> he have all the news from europe including at least four people killed. >> it's argentina fans are in town. the world cup is on its way. >> the airstrikes on gaza is in its fifth day and the delinque death toll is mounting. we know seven of the day are palestinian fighters. one of the most horrific attacks in the north of gaza. two of the patients and a medical assistant were killed. others were seriously wounded. stephanie decker went to the attack. here is her report. >> reporter: may is disabled. the her where she lives at was attacked. >> we have seen four casualties. three of them are disabled. these are overburns and their lives are still at risk. >> not much is left of this care home. when asked if there were any links to missiles they categorically said no. >> reporter: the bomb came true the roof and hit here in the ground floor of the center. you can see there is a mattress left. there is a wheelchair that tells you exactly where peopl what people were
security council is calling for a renewed ceasefire between israel and palestinian militants. so far 135 people have been killed in gaza monopoly according to a palestinian health ministry official. and palestinians say a lot of the victims are civilians, including children. but israel says it's only targeting militants. >> trying to take out the rocket launching capabilities. we are trying to strike the command and control facilities of hamas. this is i would say a clear design, crafted mission. it's not something we're just doing out of a gut reflex. >> israel says hamas has fired about 700 rockets into israel, some of which have been destroyed by israel's iron-dome defense system. now israelis have been killed in the attacks. >>> lax safety protocols at the cdc has forced it to close two research labs. that's the result of an investigation into the possible exposure of lab workers to the deadly bacteria anthrax in june. the investigation found a second undisclosed problem involving the deadly bird flu. cdc's director isn't taking any chances. >> our laboratories are core to our abilit
on the boarder, how we got here. >>> plus, is israel preparing to take on hamas once and for all? >>> and we'll look at what's behind the shooting spike in new york and chicago. >>> are folks more interested in politics or solving the problem? if they're interested in solving the problem, then this can be solved. if the preference is for politics, this won't be solved. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report." that was president obama in dallas, attempting to frame the debate over immigration, and pointing the finger on republicans for failing to act. and under fire for his decision not the visit the texas border, he's asking for $3.7 billion from congress. a situation that has turned into a political and humanitarian crisis for the president. here's our panel. mary, you followed the issue for years. immigration to the united states. what is behind this influx of children? >> well, you have push and pull factors. so, from central america, lots of crime and violence. and that's well-documented. general kelly wrote a piece for the military times this week, saying the effect of the war on d
for an end to the violence between israel and palestinians in gaza. take a quick listen. >> the security council members called for de-escalation of the situation, and the november 25 cease-fire. >> that call comes as the crisis goes more intense. with new strikes hitting gaza today. the gaza health ministry reports that more than 120 people have been killed there over the past month. israeli authorities report hamas forces in gaza have fired more than 700 rockets and mortar rounds into parts of israel. so far, no reported israeli fatalities. also, just a few hours ago, israeli tanks could be seen massing near the gaza border, raising new concerns about a possible ground assault. nbc's martin fletcher in tel aviv with the very latest for us now. martin, please tell us, what are you seeing there at this hour? >> reporter: well, hi, t.j. that israeli buildup of tanks and soldiers and army reserves of more than 20,000 called up. that buildup on the edge of gaza is exactly what is forcing the international community to begin to intervene in this situation. the call you mentioned by the unite
come back, we will talk about israel and hillary and president obama and the tea party. ♪ >> welcome back. i will get to margaret carlson and ramesh ponnuru in a moment. first, unease in the gaza strip. we head to tel aviv for elliott gotkine is standing by. the violent scenes to escalate every day. what are the hopes and fears for what will transpire in the next few days and weeks? >> we could see some sort of ground invasion, which netanyahu the israeli prime minister has been threatening. this would lead to many more civilian casualties in gaza. it will also lead to israeli casualties. there have already been 100 palestinian deaths so far approximately. many dozens of them are reportedly women and children and other non-combatants. the big concern now that there could be a ground invasion. this seems to be worrying the international community most right now. >> do you get a sense? >> they called up 33,000 reservists so far. they have deployed three infantry brigades around gaza as well in preparation for a possible order to launch a ground invasion. netanyahu has been opaque in ex
it bursts into flames. israel does say it launches precision strikes. sometimes they can be incredibly targeted and incrediblebly specific. but you do have to question especially when it comes in the words of the director, she said, i don't understand why they targeted this place because there are no factions associated with it. that's something that we would have to ask the israeli army to ask why the center for the disabled was targeted. >> the united nations security council has drafted a statement. they adopted it today at noon. >> security council members called for de-escalation of the situation, and cal call for the cease-fire of november 2012. we called for the protection of civilians. security council members will expressed their support of resumption of negotiation based on the solution. >> the palestinian ambassador to the united nations expressed satisfaction that a political solution was making head way. >> this unanimous position definitely calls for ending this military operations and aggression against our people. we hope that this aggression to be stopped immediately b
♪ ♪ >>> good evening. i'm molly line, in for julie. >>> israel, we'll tell you why the air force targeted a mosque. >>> and angela merkel. >> and we'll take a look at stagflation and what it could mean for your money. >>> but we begin with president obama trying to focus on the economy and getting sidetracked by the wave of illegal immigrants at the u.s. border. the ball is now in congress' court. looking at a $3.7 billion bill to deal with the immigrant crisis. and governor rick perry suggests it may be time to call in the pentagon. molly has this story. >> some say $3.7 billion is teach to spend without securing the border first. but president obama wants to spend the money on more judges and facilities to take care of the children coming across the border illegally. >> we're open to working with democrats and republicans in congress to get this done. but the president has moved quickly to be very clear about what specifically needs to be funded. and we would like to see republicans back up their rhetoric with the kind of urgent action that this situation merits. >> the preside
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